What a beginning – Events in January

It seems that 2011 will become a hectic but pretty good year for me. It’s January and there are already some phantastic events which I will definitely visit. Of course there are a lot more but I can’t go everywhere :)

This weekend I’m going to see Something Good playing their first gig in Germany but I already mentioned that before so here are some other dates I can suggest to you.

1. 22nd January: Ton Labor presents Kaiserdisco & Marcus Meinhardt @ Bismarck Bahnhof, Hanover

On saturday the 22nd I will get my first chance to see Kaiserdisco. Their latest album “In No One’s Shadow” which has been released on MBF is still in my mind. I listened to it a couple of times and I can still enjoy every piece of it. It’s such a great album and I guess the set of Patric and Frederic will be quite good too. I’ve also heard some good things about the location which is called the “Bismarck Bahnhof” so let’s hope that this will be a hell of a night :)

2. 28th January: Formatik meets Mistakes @Watergate, Berlin

Yes, this is a true event and not a phantasy. Format:B , Sébastien Léger, Super Flu, Marco Reesman and Mutlu are playing at the amazing Watergate in Berlin on the 28th January. I am really happy that I’m going there and it will be my first time seeing Mr. Mistakes live. After I’ve been at this club last year when Format B: played I’m even more hyped to be back because the atmosphere and of course the amazing LED ceiling of the club are a delight for eyes.

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