Thomas Gold – Marsch Marsch

It seems that Thomas Gold is absolutely on fire right now. With his latest productions like his “Star 69” version and his collaboration with Alex Kenji called “What’s up” another track is coming out in less than a week.

Marsch Marsch“, like his new single is called, will be released on the 13rd Ocotber on Toolroom Records. I’m pretty happy that there are some German produccers like him doing extremely good stuff at the moment. The preview, attached below, sounds in my opinion very promising. The combination with this typical march snare drums and a cymbal, that’s why I guess he called it “Marsch Marsch”, and the piano melody works very well and is something I actually haven’t heard before in this way!

Really looking forward to the full version. I think it’ll sound magnificent on a good soundsystem.

In addition to that the 10th November is a turn-up for the books because his track “AGORa” will be out on SIZE. I don’t know why I forget to preview it but I added a video for you as well ;)

Fore more info check the following links and stay tuned for a big blog update :)

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