Review: Axwell at 3001 (Düsseldorf)

Last saturday Abbas, a friend of mine, and me drove more than 300km to Düsseldorf, to see Axwell live.

Because of a 6 hours trip back home which was “kacke”  I wasn’t able to write the review yesterday. So here we go.

We started here in Braunschweig about 12.30 and at about 3.30 we arrived at Düsseldorf. Just a little stop at our hotel we walked a little through the northern part of the city to eat something and chill a little bit in the sun.

Axwell visuals

Back at the hotel we took a lil break, listened to some music and took a shower before we went to a friend of Abbas. She was also from Braunschweig but moved to Düsseldorf a couple of month ago and had some friends over being also from Braunschweig.  At about 12pm we took a cab to the 3001.

Arrived at the club we didn’t have to wait long because we already bought the tickets online.

In the club I was really excited because the whole interior looks pretty nice. The club has big dancefloor including the booth centered at the end of it. Behind the booth there was the VIP area which begins on the height of it. The second floor was like a balcony and enclosed the dance floor so you could take a good view from there on Axwell and the jumping crowd. The highlight for me  – concerning the club – were the super cool visuals which showed the playing dj on the walls. I think that should be enought about the club…. the review should be about the music and Axwell

After a good warm-up by Patrick La Funk Axwell entered the booth about 1.20am and started his set. He began with a  bootleg of Sander van Doorn’s “Reach out” and the vocals of Florence the Machine “You’ve got the Love”. After this he played the  Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike vs. SHM Dark Forest edit of “Leave the world behind” which was in my opinion the best track of 2009. After playing some other tracks like “The Sun” by Norman Doray and David Tort, the “Walk with me” remix by Ax and Daddy’s Groove and the huge edit of “Sign your Name” he also played some harder stuff like Mezcal Kid “Knas”. Axwell also played the new Swedish House Mafia single “One” including the vocals by Pharrels which in my opinion are a little bit annoying. Of course he also played the remode with Henrik B of “Teenage Crime”.

For everyone who hoped Axwell played some new stuff I have to say sorry. He didn’t play “Nothing but love for you”, “The Heart song” or “Centre of the Universe” but the trip was absolutely worth it! It was really nice to see how he’s really focused on deejaying the whole time and that he seems down to earth and really cares about his fans.

After the gig Axwell took a lot of time to do some photos with his fans and sign some things. Marcus, who was also at 3001, and me took a picture with Ax as well.

All in all it was a really good evening, thanks to everyone who was with and thanks to Marcus for his good videos and photos. My camera is broken so I wasn’t able to do some pics… stupid sd card!

6 comments on “Review: Axwell at 3001 (Düsseldorf)
  1. Great review, great night.
    Axwell is just amazin’. I never saw a dj with this skills and you saw that music is his passion.
    Can’t wait for Bielefeld with Axwell and next month Dirty South ;) and and and …

    Thanks Axwell and Tobi ;)

  2. Kannst du mir sagen welche Kamera du nutzt und erst recht mit welcher diese videos gemacht worden sind?!?

    Danke schonmal!

    Geil das es auch so verr

    • Klar, so bekloppte Leute gibts ;)
      Ist die Cam von nem Kumpel, ist eine Panasonic Lumix TZ7, brauchst aber ne super schnelle SD Karte, sonst bricht die Cam gern die Aufnahme ab, wenn zu viele Effekte auftreten.

        • Was ist denn im Oktober in London los? oder einfach mal biss Clubbing da? ;)

          Ich hab ne Olympus, aber die kann ich dir nich empfehlen, die macht im Club schlechte Bilder. In der Brixton Academy gings gar nich, da war die Panasonic echt gro

      • Naja wir so bekloppte Eddie Thoneick Fans ;-)
        Und im Dezember legt er dort im Ministry of Sound auf *gg*
        Sind so Touren zu Clubs wo wir eh hin wollten und wenn dann nen geiler DJ da ist den wir kennen, kann der Abend auch nicht scheisse werden…

        Okay dann

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