Release: R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft. Max C’ – Sending my Love (Wall Recordings)

Another great track is out since today. “Sending my love” by R3hab and the Swanky Tunes featuring the amazing vocal of Max C’ is a quite phat combination of a big vocal and a energetic instrumental. It’s out through Afrojack’s label Wall Recordings exclusive on beatport.

When I heard this track played by AN21 at the incredible Ushuaia the crowds reactions were really big and I knew from the beginning that this is a track I have to suggest here.

The Swanky Tunes really have a huge output and not everything of them is my style or actually I think it’s not good in my opinion but this collaboration with R3hab is absolutely amazing. As some of you might listened to the official Spinnin Records/Wall Recordings preview which only features a instrumental part  you might ask yourself how Max C’s voice should fit to this song but they found a really good way and, believe me, the result is ace!

The only thing I really don’t like about this release is, that I can’t buy it as it is restriced. I hope it will be available everywhere, especially in Germany, soon.


Available in Germany and other countries now as well. Time to buy it :)

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