Cr2 Records – Miami 2011

Another Miami sampler out now and after checking most of the tunes I have to say that it’s worth to buy. You can decide yourself if you want to buy the whole compilation or just some of its pretty good tracks but as you will se Cr2 worked out a nice compilation.

There are plenty of known artists on this sampler like Sebjak, Something Good, Ryan Maricano & Sunnery James, Stefan Noferini, MYNC… just to name a few and the tracks are mainly house tracks for which I was looking for a long time. There haven’t been plenty of good, real old fashioned, house tracks these day so I’m happy that I found some like “June” by Andrew Bennett or “La Pausa” by Ipsodisco.

Cr2 Records’ Miami 2011 features also the latest single of Something Good which they produced with Heikki L. It’s called “Benirras” and is for sure a good tune but I have to say that the last productions of them were way better. Anyways I’m supporting these guys and I guesst there are a lot of people out there who like this one more than I do.

I can’t judge any track, all I can say is check the compilation for yourself and convince yourself! :)

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