Max Vangeli & AN21 – Swedish Beauty (Moguai Remix)

First of all: It’s not confirmed that this is a remix by Moguai but there are some tweets out there which I posted below showing AN21 and Moguai talking about a remix! (has been confirmed by AN21 in Frankfurt)

AN21 played this remix at gig at Halo, Hamburg and in my opinion this first kinda preview sounds very promising. I still love the original and think that Moguai is able to do a big remix of this Swedish beast beauty ;)

I’m at Cocoon this weekend to see and listen to Max Vangeli and AN21 so I hope they’re playing it. Below the video where you can listen to it from the beginning until 2 minutes.

Here are some tweets of Moguai and AN21:

Moguai: Played it 2night! So massive!!!! RT @AN21live: Lets blow this place up! Starting track: new remix of swedish beauty!!!! Hyyyyyyyyyped”

Moguai: “@AN21live …a little bit too much bass, but I’ll fix it before mastering;-)”

AN21: “@MOGUAI_Official read your email, we replied :D”

For more information check their profiles:


It’s confirmed :)

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