Watergate Berlin, CLUB-TIP

Hello everybody,

yesterday I was in Berlin to visit a friend who’s workin there and to watch Basketball. The match wasn’t very good actually it was bad but Alba won 63-61.

Compared with the game the food in the VIP area was amazing But that’s all not part of this new article.

After arriving at his flat we decided to check out a club. Before I drove to Berlin I already had the plan to go to Watergate because I heard a lot of it and Format B was playing there… so we decided to go there. After 15mins of car driving we arrived at the Watergate. Actually first we weren’t sure if it’s the club because on the building there’s no sign only some paintings of an owl and a lightning. But during we stand in the queue we spotted some black posters with the party details of the month on it But actually we were already sure that it is the WaterGate because it’s next to the Spree and that was the only building there.

After waiting about 20minutes and a little quiz (who’s playing here tonight) we entered the club! The club was, as I expected very stylish. For some details check out the pictures. We couldn’t take our own photos because photos and videos are not permittet at Watergate….

The club has 2 floors. The mainfloor is up and the second one is… surprise surprise… in the basement. The soundsystem of the club was really good and if you like electronic music, in this case especially Techno or deeper kinds of House,  it’s definitly a must-be to visit this club!

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