Umek – Chase The Moroder (Out on Toolroom Records Ibiza Vol. 02)

Good morning everyone out there. Maybe you’re wondering why I suggest the following track because it has been released on a Toolroom Records sampler but for me the track – actually the sampled original – has a history.

Umek‘s track on Toolroom Records Ibiza Vol. 02 is called “Chase the Moroder” which actually should tell a couple of people the original name of the sample and of course the artist who is George Moroder, an italian producer and like I’ve read one of the synth pioneer. The song was called “Chase” and it was the theme song of the 1978 movie “Midnight Express” whose soundtrack won the Academy award.

I first heard the original in I guess 1991 when I was in the kindergarden. I didn’t know the title so I tried to whistle it to my dad and after a couple of days he knew which song I meant and showed it to me on his vinyl. In 1991 there wasn’t something like mp3 so we recorded the song on a casette that I could listen to it without playing vinyl and destroying the system of my dad

After watchting the preview of the new Toolroom sampler I was really flashed because I haven’t listen to the song for a couple of years and I was really  looking forward to the new version.

Compared the old with the new version I have to say that Umek did a quite good job. Some of you might say that it’s kinda simple but actually most of the producers are sampling and I like it…maybe because of my childhood.

Grab your copy on beatport and check out the whole Toolroom Records sampler which is kinda nice as well and features some more exclusive tracks!

I previewed for you the original and of course the new “Chase the Moroder” version. Enjoy

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