Release: Something Good – I Want You [Nocturnal Groove]

After all the WMC/MMW hype around the internet – rightly or not – we want to inform you that proper house music is everything but not dead and we have a proof! It’s the latest production of our beloved Finnish duo Something Good and it’s called “I Want You“, out since a couple of days on Nocturnal Groove.

It’s no news that we really love what Otto and Karolus – maybe better known as Dietrich and Harald – are creating but it’s always good to remind you about them!

“I Want You” is a pure house track with a great groove. Its simple but remarkable piano and the repeating vocals are the main ingredients of it which sounds pretty boring if you read it but just convince yourself. Something Good is more than just a name, it’s what they do!

Something Good – I Want You [Nocturnal Groove] – Beatport Link

Besides the release, the official video has also been released and if you can remember the video they made for “Wannabe” you won’t be surprised that Dietrich and Harald are the protagonists in it again ;-)

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