Release: 6 Years Stil Vor Talent (Compilation)

It’s time for some tech house/deep house stuff  and the reason for that is, that I’ve been to a pretty cool gig here in Braunschweig yesterday, where Oliver Koletzki and Lexy were playing. I heard a lot of good tracks through the whole night and some of them are already posted on our facebook page but the  “6 Years Stil Vor Talent” compilation consists of a lot of nice tunes that it’s definitely worth to post here.

One of those tunes is “Going Places” by Oliver Koletzki, the label boss, which is a very good combination of a nice sax, a good piano melody and a vocal. This mix with it’s unique sound is spreading a lot of positive energy and it’s absolutely working on the dancefloor :)

Other highlight are “My Way” by Ryan Dupree, “Krambambuli” by Animal Trainer, who I already supported on, or “Slack me” by Bruch & Junior but honestly you should really check out every track on the compilation because every track is different and good in its own way. It really showcases what Stil Vor Talent stands for and why I like their stuff :)


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