Preview: Upcoming Swedish House Mafia single (confirmed)

Thanks to Steve Angello!!! He played the new Swedish House Mafia single at his Future Music Festival gig in Melbourne and confirmed it while he played the track out. In my opinion this one will make a lot of their fans pretty happy because it’s a tune sounding more housey having a nice melody and a great piano! At first I wasn’t sure about the vocals but after I listened to it for more than an hour I finally think they’re pretty big.

The name isn’t confirmed so far but it could be called “Save the world tonight” or “Who’s gonna save the world tonight“. The vocalist is also unknown so far but I guess there will be a lot of news coming up the next weeks and I’m really excited about this song.

For me this is the right step and after “One” and “Miami to Ibiza.” Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello are showing what the people, who supported them from the beginning when Swedish House Mafia wasn’t official, liked about the guys and their music.


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