Preview: Something Good – Wannabe

Long time no post about Something Good on but now they strike back with a video-preview of their upcoming track “Wannabe“. It’s such a  quality track and another example that those guys really have a talent to make GOOD music. It has a  catchy piano combined with a smooth bass and a vocal sample which makes it in conclusion a perfect track.

To promote the single Otto and Karolus shot a pretty funny video which imitates a typical oldschool 80s 8bit computer game in real. The video shows  how the “wannabes”Dietrich Muckefück (Otto) and Harald Zweikügle (Karolus) playing bowling against each. We don’t know why they have chosen German names but it just makes it more funny ;-)

The release will probably come out through Nocturnal but more info to follow as nothing is confirmed yet.

We are really looking forward to this brilliant Something Good track and  for those who live in the northern part of Germany we just wanted to let you know that Something Good will play at Dance Couture in Hanover on 21 January.

More infos here.


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