News: Making The Fast Buck

How bold can people be to steal idea’s and even a whole track by others ? Just ask Avicii right now, how he feels about Leona Lewis‘s newest track “Collide” produced by Sandy Vee or Flo Rida freestyles on his track “Le7els“.We will show you some shooking, though interesting stuff.

Lately the topic about creative rights is being a big thorn in my side. Some people are simply stealing everything, idea’s all the way up to whole tracks made by others with no public sign of regret. Is the fast buck (money) really so much more worth than your own reputation as a producer, singer or artist of any kind ?

I have 3 example for you guys to show what I mean by that. I don’t want to make any baseless accusations or speculations about who is right and who is wrong, it has only the purpose of showing how esay effort and creativity can be trampled on, by the ones who just don’t care about those kinda things. Well of course crazy coincidences happen, however I want you all out there to be the judge of that.


Example number ONE:
Everybody knows Avicii’s great track “Penguin” (btw. Avicii is not taking credit for the melody in “Penguin“,it is written by Simon Jeffes) ……well apparently Leona Lewis or producer Sandy Vee did, or didn’t care ?! Here by way of comparion:


—> Here is also Avicii’s person respond to this incident.


Example Number TWO:
Another sucker punch for Avicii by Flo Rida‘s “??unofficial??” freestyle “GoodFeeling” of Avicii’s “Le7els

Flo Rida – Good Feeling (simply click)


Example number THREE:
German based Dj and Producer, David Puentez long announced “Melodrama” and Producer Alex Gray‘s “Pyanooo” ( LoL ;) ) …. coincidence ??? And the question is, where is the point of crossing the line with taking idea’s and filling it with your own ?!



Well anyhow…
Cheers, to all the hard working and honest producers/artists out there.

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