New Swedish House Mafia Single – Gangstar?

After the WMC gig at Mansion it’s finally official! Axwell confirmed that the track in the following video is the new single.

The trackname is not confirmed yet but there are some rumours that Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell called it ‘Gangstar’ or ‘Gangsta‘.

In my opinion the track is good but definitly something like a melody or a catchy vocal is missing. For festivals this track can be great but in comparison to their Miami monster of 2009 – ‘Leave the World Behind’ – I’m not satisfied about this track. If you’re listening to ‘Leave the World behind’ you can feel something special and that’s because the vocal fits perfect to the whole arrangement. Sorry Swedish House Mafia but I have to say that your new single is not as good as I expected it :/


Ingrosso posted on Twitter that there is no name for the new single yet!


The new Swedish house mafia track has no name yet so it’s not gangsta or gangster the dog.

All in all I’m a little bit dissapointed and I hope that the upcoming album of Axwell will compensate this!

What are your opinions about it? Is this new Swedish House Mafia single a tune?

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