Mix: Eric Prydz – Essential Mix 2013 (BBC Radio 1 – 02-02-2013)

Back on track with no one else than Mr. Eric Prydz who just delivered his latest Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. After his last essential mix in 2011 months have passed but music wise Eric is still the same. The now in LA based dj and producer is presenting a mix with a lot of unreleased stuff by himself and if you take a look at the tracklist you won’t be disappointed.

This essential mix is absolutely standing for Eric’s ability to create dance music with a special, melodic or sometimes melodramatic touch, transporting a vibe not a lot of producers can create and that is why Eric Prydz is one of our favourite prodcuers out there.


  1. Pryda – Liam
  2. Not Mani – Need You
  3. Tonja Holma – Spanish Delight
  4. Christopher Kah – Evolution 909 (Magnus Froblom Remix)
  5. Cory Lasser – Cypher
  6. Pryda – Snaz
  7. Pryda – Border Control w/ Pryda – Reeperbahn (Chordapella Mix)
  8. Pryda – EPIC Radio 003 ID
  9. Arpo – Interlude
  10. Pryda – Warrior
  11. Pryda – ID
  12. Pryda – Games
  13. Pryda – Rush
  14. Pryda – Power Drive
  15. Pryda – Clapham
  16. Cirez D – Drums In The Deep
  17. Jeremy Olander – Apex
  18. Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel (Eric Prydz Dub Remix)
  19. Pryda – Rotonda
  20. Jeremy Olander – Rorschach
  21. Pryda – Welcome To My House
  22. Eric Prydz – Every Day (Interlude Mix)
  23. Pryda – One Day
  24. Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel

more info on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/essentialmix

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