Exclusive Interview: TV ROCK

After Sebjak and Something Good  I had the pleasure to do an interview with the well known Australien guys TV Rock – actually Grant of TV Rock

Hope you like it!

toblip: Hey guys. I know most of the people who are into house music know you but please tell us something about you. Where are you coming from, what are you up to?

TV Rock(Grant): We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and have been producing together for about 6 years now. Recently we have been remixing Australian vocalists Zoe Badwi and Nervo and then we collaborated with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as well as Afrojack

toblip: I guess your most successful track was the Axwell remix of “In The Air” feat. Rudy but you’ve already been #1 in 2007 with your track “Flaunt it” feat. Seany B. in the Australian charts. In 2008 you did The Others” with the Dukes of Windsor and the big track “Been a long time” featuring Rudy. 2010 already started with “I Am Techno” on Steve Angello’s label SIZE and “Elevated” ft. Tara McDonald on Neon. What was the best track you did so far and which song does mean the most to you?

TV Rock(Grant): That’s a good question. I mean they were all important to us, Flaunt It no-one wanted to sign so I started my own label to put it out and sold 300,000 copies in Australia. It was crazy. But ‘In The Air’ really connected with people and I think that’s my favorite. Rudy and Ax are great to work with.

toblip: According to your two new releases. What elso can we expect from TV Rock in 2010?

TV Rock(Grant): We have nearly finished 3 new tracks with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as well as one with Afrojack and another with Dave Spoon and then some other originals from us as well

toblip: How will house music in your opinion develop in the near future?

TV Rock(Grant): It’s constantly evolving. At the moment the trend is collaborations and bog hooks that almost lean towards trance, but I think with records like ‘Hey Hey’ as well, there’s room still for house music in its traditional form.

toblip: Like I know you’re just touring through Europe. Are there any gigs you definitly want to play in the near future?

TV Rock(Grant): Yeah looking forward to Tomorrowlands, an ID&T party in Europe will be dope and of course Pacha with the Swedes is a highlight

toblip: How would you describe a normal TV Rock Set?

TV Rock(Grant): It’s a lot of our own mash-ups and booty’s heaps of unreleased material and way too much grey goose… Haha it’s good times all round!

toblip:For people like me who haven’t been to OZ how would you describe the party scene in Melbourne and whole Australia?

TV Rock(Grant): It’s pretty amazing really. We have so many festivals and all of them get like 30,000 people to them in every city so it’s a really strong scene at the moment, but clubs are suffering a bit because of the festivals being so strong


toblip: Tell us how a normal TV Rock studio day looks like

TV Rock: We get in, figure out the job priorities and then before lunch we work on percussion and a couple of hook ideas and then after that we try to get some sort of arrangement on the go

toblip: What do you use for your productions? What kind of musical background do you have?

TV Rock: I played sax for 8 years and studied music at school and ivan is self taught but great on the keys. We use logic for our production and always the Maserati plugs for percussion… A must!

toblip: Was it your dream to become a musician?

TV Rock(Grant): I always knew I would be involved in music in some capacity

toblip: Thank you so much for the interview and all the best!

For more info about TV Rock check out their myspace, facebook or hit them up at twitter:



Also check out their whole releases on beatport!

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  1. dein blog ist genial. die musik entspricht genau meinem geschmack. echt genial. weiter so ! man sieht sich am 31.07.10 bei DREAM ;)

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