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As you might already have noticed did a couple of posts during the last days and there is a reason for that. Actually two ;-)

After being pretty busy with my fulltime job I had some issues to check out the latest stuff and some people should also have realised it as I wasn’t as fast with answering mails as I’ve been before. So I decided to work something out for you and the result is that is now a team of 3 authors and a designer.

Thilo and Adrian are the two guys supporting me with delivering fresh content and interesting news to all of you.

For those who might think that this could be a sign that this blog will also become a big masspost with all the releases out there, I can tell you that I’m still checking what Thilo and Adrian will post + we have a pretty similiar point of view when it comes to quality music.

We all have a passion for house music and the passion to do a blog with quality track suggestions, news – like the post about the copycats out there (done by Thilo) – , reviews or interviews!

To name you some of the upcoming topics on, here’s a short overview with the biggest points:

  1. On Sunday we will be at the MidWest Music Festival in Neuss which has an absolutely amazing line up like I already showed you and I will for sure do a proper review of it with hopefully some nice footage.
  2. Another hardware review will follow as we have the chance to check out the HD 25-1 II by Sennheiser as the Adidas Originals version.
  3. I’m going to Ibiza and of course I will try to share my impressions with you. If the internet connection in my hotel is good I will do some posts just the day after the party where I’ve been to.

As you can see we have some pretty nice things upcoming so it won’t be lame up here! :)

cheers Tobi, head of

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