Review: Vagabundos 2012 (mixed by Luciano) [Cadenza]

We do not often suggest compilations or mixes to our readers but if it comes to Cadenza and Luciano we really have to make an exception. After listening to Vagabundos 2012 for the first time we already felt in love with this brillant piece of music, so we reviewed it!

First of all, Vagabundos 2012 by Luciano represents the typical sound of the Chilean dj and producer. It is a decent mix with a great tracklist. You can easily listen to this mix and don’t realize how fast time went by when the 23 tracks were played.

You can say that Luciano actually did a 76 min long set but it feels more like a soundtrack which stands for the typical Ibiza spirit as it is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Vagabundos 2012 consists of different tracks and of course different genres; starting with an introduction from Le K being a more emotional track fading over to a more techy and groovy vibe like Nick Harris’ “Surfing with Kilgore”. All in all Luciano found a great way to share his musical spirit in just 76 minutes.

The Vagabundos 2012 compilation will be released through Cadenza on July 23rd! Track list below!


  1. Le K – 25th Of February Anatomy
  2. Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation / Le K – 25th Of February Anatomy
  3. Technasia – Michigan Ride / Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation
  4. Nick Harris – Surfing With Kilgore / Technasia – Michigan Ride / Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation
  5. Alex Gori – Zinghei / Nick Harris – Surfing With Kilgore
  6. BBQ – BBQ Bounce / Alex Gori – Zinghei
  7. Pompeya – 90 Gorje Hewek remix / BBQ – BBQ Bounce
  8. DJ Wild – Catania Blues / Pompeya – 90 Gorje Hewek remix
  9. Wata Igarashi – D-28-2 / DJ Wild – Catania Blues
  10. DJ Wild – Catania Blues
  11. NTFO & Optick – Tremble (Rhadow remix) / DJ Wild – Catania Blues
  12. Dave Aju – Away Away / NTFO & Optick – Tremble (Rhadow remix)
  13. Sarp Yilmaz – Shoot / NTFO & Optick – Tremble (Rhadow remix)
  14. Plaid – Dett / Sarp Yilmaz – Shoot
  15. The Sushi Club – Flunauticus (Johnny D remix)
  16. Zakes Bantwini feat. Xola – Clap Your Hands / The Sushi Club – Flunauticus (Johnny D_Remix)
  17. Dani Casarano / Felipe Valenzuela / Demian Muller – Dreamer / Zakes Bantwini feat. Xola – Clap Your Hands
  18. El Pocho – Don Quixote / Dani Casarano / Felipe Valenzuela / Demian Muller – Dreamer
  19. Guy J – Lamur AM mix / El Pocho – Don Quixote / Dani Casarano / Felipe Valenzuela / Demian Muller – Dreamer
  20. Romanthony – Bring U Up – Deetron edit
  21. Marc Romboy vs KINK – Don’t Shake My Tree
  22. DanieLL – Don’t Stop Run / Marc Romboy vs KINK – Don’t Shake My Tree
  23. Lucien-N-Luciano – Somewhere We Got / DanieLL – Don’t Stop Run



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