Release: Afrojack – Bangduck (Moguai Remix) [Wall Recordings]

Afrojack‘s Bangduck was released in 2010, and was now beeing remixed by no-other than, the great Moguai himself. This bomb is released by Wall Recordings today!!! After “Grindin”, “Selecta” and “Prutataaa”, Moguai‘s Remix of “Bangduck” is the next big release on the dirty dutch label which is under the lead of Afrojack.
Moguai‘s Bangduck Remix is a big banger, because he is making the awesome org. Bangduck even bigger and somehow interesting to listen to it again. It won’t matter if you heard the org. Bangduck Remix 20 times already – because this one here is different, in a really good way ;) The Moguai-Style simply fits perfectly to a track.
After his USA-tour this year he turned the compilation world upside down as he released his innovative breakthrough album with many unreleased tracks on mau5trap. He did also release “We Want Your Soul” (Remixes by Thomas Gold and Sebjak) on Steve Angello‘s label SIZE Recordings. Moguai really is  flying sky high at the moment, with his production and popularity.
Listen and enjoy this track! As always: Please support those Moguai and Afrojack! They’re doing a great job :) Dirty Duuuutch!

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