Preview: V/A – 5 Years of OFF Recordings

OFF Recordings is celebrating their 5th anniversary in 2014 and therefore they will release a 4 track EP including work by Teenage Mutants, Mat.Joe, Kruse & Nuernberg, just to name a few guys who worked on it. We are proud to present you the first exclusive snippets of this upcoming release and believe us, this is just great music. All the pieces are working well, but we have one favorite which has been played a lot since receiving this promo.

2014 is still fresh and the weather sometimes make you feel that it is already spring which will be underpinned by tracks like these. Before telling you exactly which is our most liked tune, we are describing every piece of “5 Years of OFF Recordings” pretty short ;)

Track 1, called “While you stand“, by label boss Andre Crom, Chi Thanh and the vocalist Kevin Knapp is a pretty bass-driven track with nicely arranged rap vocals which gives this deep house tune a hip-hop vibe, in a good way ;)

Number 2 is called “Turning” and is created by two duos, Leftwing & Kody and Kruse & Nuernberg. It’s one of those records you immediately can fall in love with as it has all a great tune needs.

Third track on that EP is “You On You” by Robosonic and Mat.Joe which can convince with a pretty nice flow and a great vocal sample fitting together perfectly.

Last but not least is the work by Purple Disco Machine and Teenage Mutants titled “Little Treehouse” which also contents of some hip-hop elements but bringing it to a great vibe as well.

After this little description part, we want to make sure that you listen to every piece on this EP but we also want to let you know that “Turning” is our first pick as it is a track you can’t get out of your head and it instantly worked on us. Nevertheless all tunes are dope and able to enrich your sets if you dig deep house.
All in all this EP showcases the quality of OFF Recordings and its great family. We are really happy that there are labels like this and we hope that OFF will rock your parties and wish them all the best for 2014 and the further future.

Release date: February 4, 2104

Thanks to OFF Recordings for the permission of uploading snippets, thanks to our partners ;)


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