Ingrosso @Pacha Munich

Couple of weeks ago a friend and me decided to go to Munich to see and mainly listen to Seb Ingrosso live.

It was my first time in Munich and I really like the city. It’s beautiful, clean, the people are nice and there are a lot of good shopping possibilities as well.

After our flight to Munich – yes we REALLY fly to hear good music – , we took the sub and went to our hotel.

First stop in the city was McDonalds cuz we knew that shopping will make us hungry ;)

After some shopping the whole afternoon was over so met with some friends.

Arrived at Pacha we were glad that we were on the guestlist because a lot of people wanted to go in there… In the club – it was about 1 am – the resident was playing. Half an hour later Seb moved into the booth and started ;)

The set of Seb was like we it expected full of power but to our … he didn’t play really new unreleased stuff :/

Here are some videos a friend taken by a friend….my videos are too dark and the sound really sucks…time for a new one …

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