Exclusive Interview: Something Good

It’s time for another interview!

This time I’m introducing to you two guys from Finland called Something Good aka Otto Yiliperttula and Karolus Viitala which already have been suggested on my blog.

Thanks for the interview guys!!

toblip: Tell us something about you. Where do you come from, how old are you?

Something Good: We’re both 23. Helsinki-based house kids! We love Patrick Bateman and Orbital. Ha!

toblip:  So you are based in Helsinki. Actually before listening to “Solence” I didn’t know that there are house producers Finland. How big is house in Finland and how is the club scene?

Something Good: Finnish house scene is very vivid and alive right now. There are loads of great producers around, guys like Heikki L and Lovetone are really doing some good music right now. The mainstream audience is also catching up with House music. Our favourite club night in Helsinki is called Danceteria, we think it is the best monthly event this city has to offer. If you like house music, you will find something you like. Especially during summer!

toblip: How did you get started with producing and when? Did you learn playing instruments as a child?

Something Good: Playing around with some old synths as a kid was probably what started it all! They were some supermarket keyboards but that’s all you need to get the spark. As a duo we started producing stuff about 18 months ago.

toblip: What is your influence?

Something Good: Everything. Travelling. Old Ibiza compilations. Running. Oddball electronica. Movies. Soundtracks. Oranges.

toblip: Besides producing you’re also deejaying. Where do you play? Did you already had some international gigs?

Something Good: We have our own montly night in Helsinki. We also play at different parties all around Finland. Internationally we have only been to Estonia, but we’re really looking forward to taking the SG madness worldwide!

toblip: Your new single called “ride “will be out soon, you also took a video shoot. What else can we expect from you?

Something Good: Yeah, the video for Ride is out now. The official release is not set yet, we’re still dealing with the sample.

Our track called Hold On will be out late June, and there will be some remixes popping out during the summer. Right now we’re concentrating on our new EP for Nellie Recordings, it will be out late July. Also a big collaboration with Tom Fall will be out in the end of summer.

The track “Hold on” is out since today! get your exclusive copy on beatport!

toblip: What do you think about the hype about electronic dance music? Like the collaborations between rnb and rapstars and house producers?

Something Good: We think it’s mostly a good thing. They’re doing pop music with a twist. But it has taken house music to a whole new audience which is great, because the transition from Guetta(ish) stuff to more underground (what most people call proper) dance music is a lot easier than going straight from Lil Wayne to Stimming.

toblip: With who do you want to work with and what are your goals for this year and the near future?

Something Good: We will be working with some vocalists in the near future, so that will definitely be exciting. Also some cool collaborations are on the way, so stay tuned for those. This year we really want to do some great tracks! The future is always unpredictable but we believe the only way is UP.

toblip: What do you use for producing and how does a normal production day of you guys look?

Something Good: We use a blender, some oranges, some quark, some milk and maybe some oats. Then we just mix it all up and voila!
At the moment our sessions start with a 15km run as we’re training for a marathon in August. Keep your ears open

We usually start by throwing ideas around and when something works, we start from there. It might be a sound, a beat, a melody or a pineapple.

We work with FL Studio as creating stuff with it is really fast when you know what you’re doing. Our favourite plugins are FM8, Minimoog and lately FAW’s Circle. Of course our good old Korg R3 does wonders with some lovely sounds.

If you are interested in booking Something Good please send an inquiry to main@elainrecords.com !!

For more information check also the Something Good Facebook and MySpace pages.

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