Event tips for October 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve did a post about upcoming events. After I couldn’t go to Düsseldorf last weekend to see Sebastian Ingrosso it’s time to inform you where to go during the next weeks if you like house

1.16th October: Dance Couture presents Sebastien Drums @Roneburg, Hannover

The first event I definitly can suggest you is Dance Couture. This time they’re presenting the talented and upcoming producer Sebastien Drums who is one third behind “Tweet it” or the other half of “My feelings for you” with Avicii. As you can see he definitly released some nice tracks and I think it’s definitly worth it to drive to Hannover to see him. The last time I’ve been at Dance Couture Avicii played there and the atmosphere in the building the party was very nice.

In addition to that the 16th will be my birthday so me and a couple of friends will celebrate it with the finest house music

2. 23rd October: Der Rote Salon presents TV Rock at Acanto, Hannover

The second event is also in Hannover. Der Rote Salon takes place at Acanto and this time they’re presenting no on else than the Australian dj duo TV Rock aka Grant Smilie and Ivan Gough. They did quite a lot of good tracks so far and with their latest productions e.g. “I Am Techno” or the remix of Axwell’l “Nothing but love” they’re still on fire. In my opinion this should be a very good night so if you’re looking for a nice house party, be there!

3. 23rd October: Max Vangeli and An21 at Cocoon Club, Frankfurt

Another suggestion for the 23rd of October is to go to Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.That’s what I’m going to do )

Max Vangeli and AN21 will be performing there, so this will be a very hot combination because in my opinion Cocoon is one of the coolest clubs I’ve been to so far and Max and Antoine are really one fire right now. With their productions during the last month they took hold in the house music seen. I’ve seen An21 two times this year – actually 4 if I should count his Brixton warm up shows – and he really convinced me with his sets. I also listened to a warm-up set of Max in Brixton but actually I really can’t remember what he played so this will be my first time that I’m hearing him live

I hope I’ll met up with some of my readers in Hannover or in Frankfurt (Hello Marco *g*) and I will definitly write some reviews about it.

Concerning the reviews I have to say that there actually should be a review about a house event in the Autostadt of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg on my blog where the ShapeShifters played but due to some stupid circumstances (one of my friends wore a plaid shirt -.-) I wasn’t there. I only heard that the club is kinda nice but this event is definitly not for house music fans. Only for snobbish peoble. Sorry.

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